Homework is an essential part of school. It is meant to reinforce what was taught during class time and serve as a form of practicing skills learned. Please emphasize to your child the importance of being responsible and bringing homework to and from school every night.
HOMEWORK SCHEDULE (Mrs. Sarno’s reading group only)
Monday- Step down to each word
Example: b
Tuesday - Write a question (asking) sentence for words # 1 – 6.
Wednesday – Write a statement (telling) sentence for words # 7-12.
Thursday – Write 4 vocabulary words, draw a picture and use the word in a sentence.
Study for the spelling test!
Friday – Write a letter to the teacher (5 sentences minimum) about your weekend.
Be sure to include a small illustration!
*Your child should read for 15 – 20 minutes per night.


In addition to the above mentioned work, there are 1 – 2 math sheets per night.
Math side A is completed in class as a group. Math side B is a review sheet and
should be completed as homework.

Science and Social Studies
A Social Studies or Science assignment may be given periodically.
Friday Folder**
Completed/graded assignments will be sent home each Friday in the “Friday Folder”. Please review the assignments and grades with your child, remove the work and return the signed folder on Monday. Your child will receive a sticker for each week this is completed. (If we are off of school any days during the week, “Friday Folders” may come home on an odd day. Please sign and return it the following day.